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Khadi Harmony Jumpsuit

Khadi Harmony Jumpsuit

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Khadi (pronounced KAH•DEE) is the new linen and we are obsessed!

The story behind your Khadi from the makers: Years ago in India when money was few and everything was made by hand, it was difficult for families to secure enough money to purchase fabrics to create their clothing with. During this time however there was an item they had plenty of through their agricultural efforts... cotton! Cotton proved to be a huge blessing for all as families could start weaving their own beautiful fabric to adorn their bodies with. Thankfully since they could not afford new clothing for every season this beautiful cotton fabric also proved to be both durable and versatile... standing the test of time, the cold and the heat. Khadi, the beautiful sister to the fabric we all know and love, linen, is hand-loomed from cotton grown in local villages and then sewn together to become the magical garments you see!

Our Khadi Harmony Jumpsuit features wide flowy wide legs, slouchy pockets AND buttons at shoulder to allow you to get in and out easily.

Recommended sizing 0-22/24

It is pure magic that these pants can be worn by people of all different sizes and we fit these with so much love and intention to do so. This product should be hand washed and line dried for longest life. For softness, fluff in the dryer on low heat after it has dried from hand washing.

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